Functional Fitness

Functional fitness consists of “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” ... Functional fitness embodies this method of training due to the need for mobility, strength, and agility.

Persoanl Training

Personal Training is always available for athletes who are interested.  If you are new to HIIT type training, personal sessions are a great place to start.  Do you have a particular skill that you are just wanting to improve upon or a skill you would like to learn? Coaches are available to work with you one on one.  Contact us to request a personal training session today. 

Power Lifting

PIM has many diverse private programs to offer our athletes.  Powerlifting is one of those programs.  This program is unique in that it is not in a class setting.  Powerlifters have specialized programming unique to their needs and abilities.  They are able to join any of our Functional Training classes when their programming allows.  If you have a desire to just dabble in Powerlifting or become a serious competitor, PIM can create a program that will meet your needs.