Josh went to University of AZ graduating with a bachelor’s in finance in 2002. Josh is a 40yr old master’s athlete that has been training at PIM for 4  yrs.  Originally from California, he moved to AZ in 2007.  Josh is not new to fitness.  He started Crossfit in 2012.  He made it to Regionals in 2015 with a team after only being involved in Crossfit for 3yrs.  In 2016 he qualified for the South Regional as an individual.  In 2018 he competed in the CrossFit Regionals on Team Power In Motion.  This year (2020) He finished 4th in the 2020 Crossfit Open. Josh placed 2nd in the world after finishing the CrossFit  Games Master’s Online Qualifier!  Josh is a husband and father to two beautiful children.



Cheyne grew up playing football and played outside linebacker in college at Michigan Tech University. A couple of years after MTU he  began working out with a friend every day in a local gym and really enjoyed working on strength.  After becoming bored with the routine,  He decided to give Crossfit a try and fell in love on day one.  After meeting Josh and Devin, he decided to move over to Power in Motion because of the great fitness family and competitive environment.  He has now been doing Crossfit consistently since 2018 and absolutely loves the grind and seeing growth in areas of weakness.   


Competition Results:

2018 Bromegeddon @ East Valley Crossfit- 1st place - Men's RX Team

2019 New Year Throwdown @ Crossfit Unwavering - 1st place - RX Co-Ed Team

2019 Desert Warrior @ Crossfit Forbidden - 2nd place - Men's RX

2019 Desert Cup @ Phoenix Convention Center - 2nd place - RX Men's Team 

2019 Double Trouble @ Crossfit Unwavering - 1st place - RX Men's Team

2019 Dakota Games - 1st place - RX Men's Team of 3

2019 Cactus Classic @ Crossfit Blade - 1st pace - RX Team of 4

2020 Wodapalooza - 17th place - RX team of 4



Connor is a 28 yr old athlete who grew up in AZ.  Conner attended and graduated from Arizona State University where he was Sparkey the college mascot.  Connor began his Crossfit journey in 2014.  Shortly after he began competing in 2015.  Connor is a very dedicated athlete who loves competition as well as the community at PIM.  He came to PIM in 2016.  Connor loves to work hard and have fun.  If you see Connor in the gym make sure to say hi!



Kevin is a professional Baseball player that chooses PIM as his workout home.  

My baseball accomplishments(sorry for delay): All-American and CAA pitcher of the year 2010 4th round draft pick 2010 by Arizona Diamondbacks Major league roster 2014-2015 All-star seasons 2011, 2013, 2019 Pitcher on 4 league championship winning teams. Pitched professionally in Mexico and Dominican Republic Currently on AAA roster with the Seattle Mariners



I have been training at Power In Motion with Devin for over a year now. And it has been the most amazing experience, I have not only added to my lifts but, have become a better athlete. He has molded me into a more well-rounded athlete, it, of course, has not come without putting in the work. But Devin has a way of just knowing how and when to push you, for you to be able to accomplish your goals. My goals started simple, and now with his guidance, I know just about anything is possible. Movements that I used to watch people do and would think one day, now I'm the one doing those movements.

When I first started at PIM I was just trying to get into shape. But I fell in love with the grind, putting in the hard work as seeing results. Accomplishing things that I had once failed at, and it was that drive and grind that drove me to want to compete in powerlifting. I was going to do a meet just for fun, yeah well after that one meet I was hooked and realized that I had found my sport.

I have learned so very much in this time. I think one of the most valuable things that I have learned is proper form. Other things that have helped me in my journey is learning proper recovery, as well as nutrition. All of these plus consistent work and dedication in the last year I have added 80-100 lbs to each of my lifts. I placed second in weight class 2 times and striving for that First place. Another goal is to have the DT state record in deadlift.


Femme Fatal : September 2019 (2nd 60kg)

Unbreakable Classic : January 2020 (2nd 68kg)


Next Meet:

Drug Tested Phoenix Rising : August 2020



I am a small business owner, work full time so I needed a convenient, early morning class in my neighborhood. I found Power in Motion just a mile from my home almost 8 years ago that offered 5 AM classes. I had no idea what CrossFit meant so I naively joined, filled out all the paperwork and showed up for class. 


OMG, I entered and saw all these incredibly buff young people, lifting and dropping huge weights with loud bangs! I backed up and headed for the door! I was a physically fit 70-year-old with stage 1 COPD/emphysema (ex-smoker)!  Becoming a weight lifter was not what I had in mind! I had some physical disabilities that I was told were permanent. The most serious disability in my left wrist and hand is a condition called CRPS, (Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), also called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome). I was unable to make a fist or pick up small objects. The muscles in my left hand are atrophied because of the damage.


Theresa Milliman, (my 1st coach) came after me, convinced me that CrossFit has no age or health barriers and that it was all about becoming physically fit, not necessarily about becoming a (so called) body builder. Those that want incredible muscular bodies are a big part of CrossFit but you set your own goals.  The coaches started me out slowly, coaching, teaching and encouraging me every step of the way. 

After all these years of working out, stretching, eating healthy, losing weight and gaining muscle I am in better health than I have ever been. 


The most surprising thing for me is that I was told my left hand would never improve after ten months of hand therapy, 2 hours a day, 3 days a week, that was the best I would ever get. I was unable to make a fist, pick up small objects or even pour a cup of coffee with my left hand. 


About 6 months ago, I realized I now had the strength to grip the rack and pull my knees up! The muscles in my hand are atrophied but the tendons and ligaments took over and gave my hand unexpected strength. Even the uncomfortable swelling and numbness is less frequent! This took years to accomplish!


I am also a cancer survivor and my chest muscles were very weak. I cannot praise CrossFit enough for helping me build muscle in every area of my body, alleviating pain in so many places that I have experienced damage and believe me, there are many more areas of damage.


I also had painful knees but learning the proper positioning of the knees during workouts has made an incredible difference. I can now do front squats with weight without further damage to my aging knees.


The camaraderie is amazing! Those that are experienced always encourage newcomers. CrossFit changed my physical life.  On May 20th this year, I will be 78 and continue to love CrossFit. 

Thank you to all my incredible, patient coaches. I love you all!!!!!